You need a Web Site…but your “Just Starting Out”

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Just Starting Out

 OK so you just bought your domain and hosting and you got a pretty nice deal. You found and awesome template that looks good on mobile. Now all you need to do is just put your content in and go live...yeah about that...I know your "Just Starting Out".
One of the first things you need to do when your first starting out is take care of the King. No, I'm not talking about the Elvis or Michael Jackson...or Lebron James...cough...I'm talking about Content. That's right, Content is King, as far as your website is concerned and that goes for the pictures and the words. Lets just focus on the words for right now though...I mean you are just starting out and all.
Remember this is a crucial step for the overall performance of your business and that is the development and organization of your web site content. It needs to be done right and it needs to good. Here are few tips that we recommend that will have your web site wearing a crown that is truly fit for a king.
1. Know your audience
Your gonna need to know who your talking to and your gonna need be able to say the things that need to be said. Believe it or not there are people out there that need to hear what you got to say, so find out who they are and talk(Write) to the them.
2. Speak their language
This is what you do when you find them and start talking to them. Your gonna have to be understood once you begin to talk(Write) to them. Use their language when you write and speak in a way where you are clear and understood.
3. Write with a purpose.
Well you know, just putting something out there just to have something out there just doesn't least not anymore...its not 1998 anymore. Your gonna have to write with a purpose. You are gonna have to give your reader a reason to go do something, be it to buy your product, sign up for specials, or just for them to know how to contact you. Whatever your gonna write, make sure you are writing with a purpose for you readers...
Now go off and serve your KING well.

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