July Feature – The Raleigh-Wake Chapter of the National Winston-Salem State University Alumni Association

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So, Happy July 1!!! Dreams Creative has made another dream come true. This time it is for the Raleigh-Wake Chapter of the National Winston-Salem State University Alumni Association. Before today the Raleigh-Wake Chapter had an outdated layout and provided limited opportunities to consume highly sought after content like Meeting Minutes, Finance Reports, Membership Applications, Scholarship Applications, Listing of events, Photos of past events, Photos of their Officers, the ability to Donate online, ability to pay dues, and the functionality to fill out a Contact form.




But today, the Raleigh-Wake Chapter has a modern layout to their updated website. This layout design is very mobile friendly and responsive which makes it look great on any mobile device its viewed on. Not only is it Mobile friendly it has an awesome Content Management System, which allows the Raleigh-Wake Chapter to make updates to the site quickly and effortlessly. As far as functionality, the Raleigh-Wake Chapter is now able to showcase content in multiple ways. Here are some of the new features:

  • Modern Layout built with WordPress
  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Photo Galleries
  • Forms and Documents placement
  • News and Event display
  • Twitter Feed
  • Like our Facebook Page Feature
  • Social media Links
  • Dues Payment Function
  • Fundraiser Display Function to receive Donations and to Support the Chapter


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